We are living in a generation where almost everyone ones a computer or laptop. The convenience of these gadgets doesn’t come without its own set of risks. Every day, thousands of viruses are released and if your pc doesn’t have an antivirus you might end up losing crucial information even worse you might have your accounts hacked. However, choosing an antivirus program is not all that easy. There are hundreds of these programs all claiming to have the best features to secure your software. We have prepared a list of the top 5 antivirus programs in the market today that are worth your money.


The world McAfee is not new to the antivirus industry. They have been in the market for over 30 years. This explains how they are in a position to give free downloads deals and the millions of sales worldwide. McAfee is compatible with ay device be it a tablet, smartphone, PC or Macs. The efficiency in which McAfee detects and deletes virus and malware is one that cannot be matched by most antivirus programs. As if that’s not all they also have a 24 hours customer support system and if within 30 days you are happy with the product they will refund your money. Purchase McAfee antivirus program by taking advantage of the amazing price offs, deals, coupons, promo codes, offers, and discounts online.


This is yet another re-known antivirus brand that has been in business for the past 25 and years. The antivirus program will be compatible with virtually any device you are using. That is android, windows, Macs and iOS devices. Norton antivirus will protect your device from malware, virus and spy software. Compared to other antivirus programs Norton given the kind of features they have. Customer service might not be their strength but they boast of having a 25GB secure storage. If you shop today you stand high chances of getting deals, coupons, price offs, promo codes and discounts, meaning that you will end up paying less.

Total AV

Total AV has unique amazing features that earned its spot in our list of the top 5 antivirus programs. Other than getting 80% price off, Total AV is able to protect all devices from virus, malware, adware and spy software. Their customer service runs on a 24-hour basis and is one the best of any antivirus program. As if that’s not enough they also offer a complete refund within 30 days if you are unsatisfied with the product. Shop today and pay less if you take advantage of deals online.


If you want an antivirus program to protect your device from malware, virus, and spy software while at the same time not slow down the device that would be Bitdefender. This award-winning antivirus program is totally worth their money. They have 24 hours customer support services and has a parental control option to ensure that you monitor what your kids do on the internet. If you buy Bitdefender today you stand high chances of getting amazing deals, coupons, price off, offers and discounts.


For fast scans that don’t interfere with your system performance the antivirus to go by should be Webroot. Other than protecting your ensuring that your device is secured, Webroot also ensures that your internet browsing is secure and cannot be traced back to you. Within 70 days of purchasing the program if by any chance you don’t like it and would like they guarantee a complete refund. Take advantage of the amazing deals, coupons, offers, discounts, and promo code, this was you will end up saving up more.